Asset Management

Helping you save time and money managing fixed assets through every step of the asset lifecycle


Maximize value from tax deductions by calculating the most profitable asset depreciation

Clear Enterprise Fixed Assets is tightly integrated with Financials and Equipment to bring you a comprehensive asset management solution

Track Assets

Control Assets using Groups and Locations. Track acquisition, service, depreciation values, disposals and more

Full Equipment History

Control data with customisable fields and clearly describe asset records with notes and linked documents along with comprehensive history of every transaction or record modification

Flexible Depreciation

Multiple depreciation methods with unlimited books per asset. Track private use values, a complete history of depreciation and current value

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets are organised into Asset Groups and Locations. These allow defaults to be defined for all related assets, which can be changed for individual assets at a later stage. Each Asset has a unique identifier and can hold information including serial numbers, insurance details, acquisition cost, purchase, depreciation values and more.

Special fields can be customised for additional details. For quick access to asset information documents and notes can be linked to each asset item. Asset items can be classed as ‘equipment’ items for processing in the service management and preventative maintenance areas.

Asset Depreciation

Multiple depreciation books can be set up to apply different depreciation calculations to each asset and journals are created for the default depreciation book during the depreciation calculation process. Any fixed asset group can be flagged to pool depreciation for the group. The depreciation history can be viewed on the Asset card for any book and the Asset History shows the actions that have occurred for each asset.

An adjustment can be made to the value of any asset at a specified date with automatic recalculation of depreciation and generation of journals.

Asset Disposal

Any fixed asset can be disposed of at a specified date. Reasons are linked to each asset disposal and journals are automatically created.

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