ClearScan Stock Manager

Warehouse and stock management just got a whole lot easier

Helping your warehouse team become more efficient

ClearScan Stock Manager expands Clear Enterprise with the ability to perform a range of warehouse related functions using wireless barcode scanners

  • Stock Lookups

    Perform stock lookups, confirm comprehensive product details, availability and location

  • Stock Transfers

    Easily move stock from one location to another - by bin, pallet or individual product

  • Stock Allocation

    Drive eficiencies by allocating orders to a location for picking. Allocate pallets to orders for larger shipments

  • Stock Adjustments

    Carry out stock adjustments on the fly, driven by permissions and adjustment reason codes.

*Scanner not included

*Scanner not included

Additional Features

ClearScan Stock Manager performs in line with the business rules and functions of Clear Enterprise and user permission controls

  • Multi Scan

    Manufacturer part numbers, supplier part numbers, bins, and pallets as well as product codes

  • Serialised Products

    Handles both serialised and non-serialised products

  • International Ready

    Handles Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC)

  • Duplicate Capability

    ClearScan Stock manager happily deals with duplicate barcodes

'ClearScan Stock Manager is fast and easy to use. Whether scanning, using the touchscreen or keypad, this greatly improves accuracy and speed of stock management in your business'

Work smarter not harder.