Timber, Steel and Building Supplies

A comprehensive solution for suppliers to the steel, timber & construction industries

Minimise inventory wastage in an industry where margins are small and any errors may mean the difference between profit and loss

Clear Enterprise provides specific stock functionality with respect to the acquisition, break down and supply of products handled in packs

Streamlined Ordering

Utilise efficient processing of quotes and orders for POS & account customers, helped by automated promotional pricing, customer specific pricing, automated account limit checks

Manufacturing Floor Integration

Generate workorders for control of manufacturing for items such as steel products, windows, frames and trusses. Real time stock and workorder management to control and record material usage in production

Better Inventory Control

Track stock in real time across multiple warehouses and locations. Perfect if you have multiple depots and warehouses and provide products in packs, lengths and special units of measurement

Easy Procurement

Use rules based automated re-ordering and landed cost pricing when ordering the same product from multiple suppliers

Freight Management

Automated freight costing ties in with despatch control, default shipping methods, shipping charges amd multiple delivery addresses for each customer

Real Time Reporting

Set KPIs and track them in real time. Oversee customer orders status, calculate cost of goods sold, stock on hand, profitability and more with business intelligence tools

Pack Management

  • Track Variable Length Products

    Using lineal, cubic or item measures, track pack contents regardless of the individual lengths

  • Pack Options

    Manage stock as individual Packs with associated tally, loose stock with a tally or untallied loose stock

  • Accurate Costing

    Accurate costings recorded at pack level. Detailed pack information includes grade, treatment, purchasing data and tally measurements

‘Clear Enterprise provides the tools you need to manage every aspect of steel, timber, plumbing, building products and hardware businesses’

Work smarter not harder.