ClearOnline Sales

Double entry of order data is a thing of the past.

Your very own B2B and B2C eCommerce website

ClearOnline Sales automates your entire customer sales process, lets customers manage their own accounts and reduces your work load

End to End Sales

Full sales cycle support – from ordering to payment, all managed by the customer at their own convenience

Consistent Account Controls

Everyone is on the same page. Customer account information in Clear Enterprise is mirrored on the web.

Enterprise Level Tools

Standing orders, user privileges, full transaction history and real time stock levels is just the start

  • Customer Specific Pricing

    Customers receive pricing directly in line with pre-agreed contracts, discounts and specials

  • Display Stock Levels

    Full or limited visibility of products and stock levels according to your requirements

  • Instant Stock Reservation

    Orders and stock reservation are immediately reflected in your system

Work smarter not harder.