Data Visibility in Carpet Wholesale and Retail Businesses

Without visibility of data in a wholesale or retail flooring business you could be headed for trouble.

ERP software like Clear Enterprise provide business metrics to keep a carpet and flooring business on track.

In the past many carpet wholesalers and retailers have made-do with ad hoc paper based and spreadsheet based systems to address inventory data visibility in the business. Often these ad hoc systems would be used alongside a generic accounting package.

Frequently these systems have been internally developed over many years and most companies just grow beyond the capability of the various software packages strung together.

There is an increasing realisation that these ad hoc systems can not only be anti-productive ie: contributing to duplicate entry of data which can lead to errors, but can also pose a risk to the company using them.

Sometimes the risk is quite straight forward to assess. For example, should anything happen to the person holding the knowledge of their business critical application wrapped up inside their head, the business is left in a quandary because the knowledge was not shared with other employees Other times the risk factor is high due to the existing software being unable to meet the changing requirements within the business.

Carpet wholesalers and retailers are all too aware that the ability for sales staff to access accurate and timely stock information can influence whether sales are made or not. To make this task more difficult, a requirement unique to carpets is to trace product all the way through to its style, batch dye lot and roll information. This has come about mainly because two dye lots of the same carpet are never exactly the same colour.

This means that if a customer orders carpet for the home or business and then requires more carpet for an adjoining room, the sales people need to quickly identify the style, batch and dye lot that was previously ordered and then be able to locate the proper stock match, availability and lead time of that stock. This is where ERP software such as Clear Enterprise comes to the forefront.

Clear Objective Ltd has addressed the many requirements for carpet wholesalers and retailers, in its end-to-end ERP solution called Clear Enterprise. Developed as a solution for clients in carpet manufacturer, Clear Objective expanded on the capabilities of its’ flooring specific Clear Enterprise ERP product to help carpet wholesalers and retailers both secure and enhance the value of their business, through better management systems.

With a wealth of knowledge already gained from working with carpet manufacturers to produce seamless and paperless supply chain management, Clear Objective is well positioned to deliver a better business management solution for carpet wholesalers and retailers with Clear Enterprise ERP.

Clear Enterprise for carpet wholesalers and retailers incorporates advanced management of roll-based carpet products, branch management and sales, into a robust and comprehensive enterprise wide solution, with all core functionality such as warehouse & inventory management, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, service and financials included as standard.
There are over 300 standard reports within Clear Enterprise, many of which have been developed for clients involved in the supply of carpet and flooring products. Access to real-time management information is provided via these reports and custom dashboards.

Care is taken to understand the full depth of requirements for each site where Clear Enterprise is implemented, to ensure a tailored solution is delivered to each new customer. Clear Objective partners closely with each customer, to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Clear Objective has now successfully implemented the Clear Enterprise ERP solution into a number of carpet manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers sites across Australia and New Zealand, with excellent results.