ClearScan Sales

In-store orders and cash sales just got a whole lot easier

Un-tether your sales team from counters and terminals

ClearScan Sales lets users perform sales and stock lookups from the shop floor using wireless barcode scanners

Stock Lookups

Perform price lookups for standard retail pricing or, if the customer account code is entered, the customer specific price for that product with a guide as to how the price was calculated

Customer Specific Pricing

Customer pricing for account customers is in line with all contracts, discount structures and specials already set up in Clear Enterprise

Search and Scan

Search for and recall an existing Sales Order and amend product and quantity information for that Sales Order via the wireless scanner

  • Flexible Ordering

    Create new customer Sales Orders for cash or account sales. Products can be checked on or off the order by scanning the product barcode or by entering the product code on the device

  • Rules Compliant

    ClearScan Sales scanner functions conform to the standard Clear Enterprise business rules and security controls such as customer specific pricing, customer alerts, and credit limit checks

  • Sell & Fulfil Quickly

    Customers want speed. With ClearScan Sales your team can devote their attention to helping customers choose products and facilitate the sale as fast as possible

*Scanner not included

‘ClearScan Sales is fast and easy to use. Users can select functions using the keypad or if the scanner has a touch sensitive screen, by tapping menu icons’

Work smarter not harder.