Customer Management

Clear Enterprise supports full customer management including loyalty programs, demographic information, access controls for web-enabled self service and a full history of all transactions


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Customer Management

Comprehensive customer management tools including loyalty programs, demographic information, internet access controls for web-enabled self service and a full history on transactions and customer activity

Comprehensive Information

Information or files related to the customer can be attached by links to customer documents or web pages. Extensive notes and alerts can be attached to any customer to prompt the sales rep, or customer services rep with important information requiring attention

Territory Management

Segment and organize your customers and sales teams across different territories. Allocate reps to customers and locations to maximise revenues and exceed sales forecasts

Track Quotes & Orders

Keep customers informed through every step of a sale. Exception reporting keeps your team advised during the fulfillment process. Track activities and sales inititatives plus keep a history so everyone is kept in the loop

Campaign Management

Manage customer projects and marketing campaign tasks with ease plus track costs and sales revenue generated by specific activities. Set budgets, assign ownerships to tasks, and measure the success of campaigns

Security and Tracking

Monitor their sales team’s activities with audit logs so you can track who did what and when. Extensive security permissions determine who can access what types of customer data

Contact Management

As well as comprehensive recording of customer details, contact management encompasses five main functions

  • Contact Management

    Provides regular contact cycles and last-contact dates. Assignment of activities to staff via e-mail. Escalation and prioritisation along with complete history, follow-ups, contact notification and response along with status reporting

  • Time Management

    Time management includes staff activity lists based on tasks eventuating logged in the call management system, backed up with event logging and escalation processes

  • Knowledge Base

    Knowledge management allows call system responses to be indexed and added to a searchable Knowledge Base for on-going help-desk or internal support requirements

  • Document Management

    Document management enables calls system activites to be linked for storing all associated information in one place related to the customer

  • Billing Management

    Billing management allows call system activities to be integrated to the billing system. For example when placing a customer order in response to a call for products and billable time. Customer service agreements can also be maintained, with regular billing cycles and links to system generated contact cycles

“Clear Enterprise brings all your prospect and customer data together in one location. From CRM to document management, it’s all there at your fingertips”

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