Measuring Productivity for Meat Processors

Measuring meat processing productivity can be driven from many areas across the meat industry. The bottom line for the processor is how they can make productivity better, in terms of efficiencies, cost effectiveness and better management from data systems. All of this while still providing a reliable service and cost effective service from the customer demands.

How do we drive best value from paddock to plate? How do we drive processing costs down at a process floor level? Part of the solution may be how the processor handles their end to end solutions in terms of procurement, live data capturing, stock movement, tracing product and efficient logistical stock movement.

Clear Enterprise provides just this solution in a specialised industry package. This meat industry solution follows product movement from incoming stock on the floor and then tracks it right through the supply chain, ready for market as both wholesale and retail ready products.

Clear Objective is a leader in the food processing industry having worked with companies at the abattoir level in the small stock and beef processing sector as well as companies who deal with retail and shelf ready product for the large supermarket companies in Australia.

The software interfaces to on floor hardware at any level particularly if the end user wants to see a live data feed. The system is capable of providing senior management with a live dashboard to show processing numbers as they are fed through from processing level from any aspect of the supply chain, as well as sales and inventory levels.

Clear Enterprise also has a solution for warehousing with a wireless application that handles any warehouse environment and allows for all types of stock movement from order allocation, multiple warehouse movements, pallet tracing and 3rd party storage. The logistics and freight component also assist with stock leaving onsite or via a 3rd party site.

The system is export ready with all aspect of AQIS requirements adhered too and is export documentation ready at a click of a button.

Inventory tracking and traceability is a major part of Clear Enterprise as the solution keeps up to speed with the current industry requirements of being able to trace any product after it has been processed, packed or sold. Clear Enterprise solves the traceability unknowns by allowing Quality measures to be put into place at the processing level with forward and backward traceability of all stock.

All product produced is given lot or batched tracked identification that flows through the supply chain. The inventory movement can then provide valuable forecasting for management as well as a tool for future budgeting from trends and past sales history.

Product management in Clear Enterprise is structured so that product maintenance, bill of material management and quality approval are a major part of controlling the product life cycle. Every movement is tracked and can be reported on in terms of by whom, where and when.

Yield analysis of product as it flows through the supply chain is a major requirement for all processors and the Clear Enterprise package assists with the ability to report on end results from production areas with what was expected, allowing mechanisms for management to increase productivity efficiencies. The system allows for proactive processes with live information at managers fingertips thus alleviating the current day to day process of reacting to issues as they arise after receiving day old data after the fact.

An ERP solution eases the continual issue of having numerous systems trying to track and report on product after end user data entry and numerous data analysis and manipulation. Clear Enterprise allows live data to automatically enter the system and allows management to use tools to report, breakdown production, forecast future sales and plan manufacturing processes. Clear Enterprise will apply significant improvements to your business processes and allow for increased profitability and productivity.