Project Management

More with less – one flexible solution for managing any type of project

Project Manager enables you to create projects and manage tasks with ease

A versatile tool for general project management, with the addition of specific tools for marketing projects

Plan With Ease

Using the Gantt or table layouts, tasklists, tasks and milestones help you organize difficult projects into easily manageable segments with refined control over tracked/untracked subtasks and dependencies

Cost Analysis

Assign cost and sell price budgets to the project or individual tasks. Transactions linked to the project are automatically included in KPI reporting at a glance

Document Management

Link any type of document file to a task within the project, so your team can work on them together. These can be spreadsheets, drawings, images, presentations, text files, URLS etc

Simple or Complex

Use the basic features for simple projects or for advanced users, allocate resources, products and materials to tasks. Assign tasks to different users, associate GL accounts and accumulate sub-projects when needed

Initiate Transactions

With suitable user permissions, raise customer orders and generate purchase orders directly from a project task. All underlying linking and financial data is automatically updated and will display in reports

Built for Marketing

Includes features to help you get the best out of your marketing campaigns. Collate campaign details, track resources and members and measure profitability of marketing spend

Benefit from these time saving functions included in Clear Enterprise manufacturing solution

Additional Highlights

  • Resource Tracking

    Resources can be allocated time units, cost rates, working calendar plus cost and expense GL code allocation

  • Granular Profit & Loss

    Perform comprehensive profit and loss analysis on individual project tasks

  • Extensive Reporting

    Report at summary or detail level on resources, materials and time expended, with budgeted, actuals and variances to costs and sales

  • Working Together

    Link to sales Initiatives to get a birds eye view of broader sales and marketing activities going on in the business

‘Clear Enterprise Project Manager provides real-time visibility into everything your team is working on’

Think ahead. Stay ahead.