Sales and Marketing

Connect with prospects and focus on what’s important – more sales and less administration


Convert more leads in less time

Clear Enterprise helps you reach out to prospects and close more deals the smart way

Pipeline Management

Clear Enterprise supports pipeline tracking of opportunities, leads and prospects using conversion focused tools. Linked activities help sales teams maintain accounability and boost productivity

Track Leads, Quotes & Orders

From lead generation to scoring to conversion, Clear Enterprise helps you move your leads through the sales funnel as quickly as possible. Track activities, campaigns, sales inititatives and keep a history so everyone is kept in the loop

Sales Management

Clear Enterprise supports comprhensive sales management tools in concert with a full history of transactions and customer activity, giving you everything you need to convert each sale

Territory Management

Segment and organize your prospects, customers and sales teams across different territories. Allocate reps to customers and locations to maximise revenues and exceed sales forecasts

Campaign Management

Manage projects and marketing campaigns with ease plus track costs and sales revenue generated by specific activities. Set budgets, assign ownerships to tasks, and measure the success of campaigns

Security and Tracking

Monitor sales team’s activities with audit logs so you can track who did what and when. Extensive security permissions determine who can access what types of customer data

Opportunity Management

  • Opportunity Snapshot

    Keep a close eye on all opportunity stages plus all the numbers associated with it in a single screen. Know how much expected revenue is near closing, and which deals need immediate action

  • Status Tracking

    Initiate activities, calls, tasks and emails directly from an opportunity. Track status, probability, stages and categories with full visibility of the sales pipeline

  • Stay Ahead of Competitors

    Keeping note of competitors strengths and weaknesses along with their product details helps you present the advantages of your solution compared to the competition

  • Overview or Detail

    Record the total price of the deal or get more granular and itemise products and services in the opportunity record along with individual quantities and prices

  • Full Visibility

    Conversion metrics at your fingertips. Link quotes, projects and sales campaigns to opportunities for a complete view of your sales and marketing efforts

“Clear Enterprise brings all your leads, opportunities and sales campaigns together in a complete sales and marketing solution”

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