Service Solution

A centralised system for management of equipment service


Take the hard work out of service management

Manage service contracts, schedule jobs, increase productivity and improve the bottom line

Manage Equipment Lifecycle

Keep a history of equipment movement such as warranty, servicing & billing. Assign individual service contracts or an over-riding service contract to all machines for a customer

Efficient Job Scheduling

Web interface for entering jobs by customers. Central management of all job scheduling allows tracking of work performed, parts used and assigned technicians on jobs. Bill directly from jobs

Recurring Service

For regular service work for customers equipment, customer service agreements can be established to define the period of service and the billing arrangements. A customer can have multiple service agreements for varied periods of time

Track Quotes & Orders

Keep customers informed through every step of a service job. Exception reporting keeps your team advised during the entire process. Track activities plus keep a history so everyone is kept in the loop

Control Costs

Track the cost of every item used during service activities. Linked sales orders retain cost and sell prices for materials, labour, out sourced items and incedentals


Create Return Materials Authorisations directly from service bookings. Links to historical purchase transctions ensure a full history is always at hand

Service Management

Preventative maintenance cycles can be linked to equipment meters and scheduled for regular service. Bookings for service work can be linked to customer calls and scheduled as jobs for action by service technicians.

Customer Service Agreements may be linked to equipment items to control the billing parameters for work undertaken. Preventative Maintenance cycles are defined by equipment model as recurring or once-off, and the parts & consumables that are normally used for each maintenance can be specified.

Timesheet entry or punch-in/punch-out functionality can be used to record actual technician time against jobs. Extensive notes can be added to the job summary, travel time recorded, equipment meter counts adjusted and preventative maintenance work that has been performed is flagged.

A full history of the actions that have been carried out is retained for each equipment item. Invoices can be readily prepared for each service job including time and parts used plus any additional charges

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